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A Guide to Taking Summer Engagement Photos

Endless warm evenings and fields of fragrant flowers. The summer season conjures so many happy memories, it is no wonder many couples choose to marry at this magical time of year.

And if you are planning to take your engagement photos in the summer, you will no doubt love the results, too.

But photoshoots in summer present unique challenges. You need to prepare for the heat, humidity, and often blinding sunlight. But don’t worry, this guide covers everything to consider before and during your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Summer Engagement Photos Guide
Summer Engagement Photos Guide

Choose Beautiful Summery Locations

All good engagement photos start with the right locations. Erie has many photogenic locations in the summer including beaches, lush green fields, and mountains. And of course the beautiful and unrivaled Lake Erie.

Many engagement photography packages, like ours, offer up to two locations. But if you decide on two locations, keep them close together. Not only to maximize photography time, but so you do not get hot and sweaty traveling from place to place!

When considering locations for your engagement photographs, choose places with a personal connection. Did you visit a specific park when you first started dating or do you live next to a beautiful field?

Don’t forget to ask your wedding photographers for their recommendations. It is likely they already know about fields that bloom at certain times of the year or the most secluded beaches. Or check out some fantastic ideas here: Best Places to Take Engagement Photos

Summer Engagement Photos

Play Summer Activities and Use Props

Though photographers are pros at getting people to relax, do not worry if you still feel awkward and nervous. Consider doing an activity with your spouse-to-be so you have something else to focus on other than the camera.

You could pack a small picnic and enjoy a glass of lemonade with your partner. You could play frisbee or go for a simple walk on the beach. And if you have a pet you could bring them in on the action and walk your dog through the woodlands instead of posing in one place.

And some couples love engagement photo props. You could both hold up signs, one with “he asked” and another with “she said yes!” on the front. After all, they are your engagement photos and you should do whatever makes you happy.

Plus, they look great on social media!

Avoid bringing any props or activities for the sake of it. If you do not play frisbee together on the beach in summer then it might not make sense to do that in your engagement photos.

Summer Engagement Photos
Summer Engagement Photos Guide
Summer Engagement Photos Guide
Summer Engagement Photos Guide

Consider Weather, Light, and Time of Day

Here in Erie, PA we are lucky to have up to 15 hours of sunlight in summer.  This gives us lots of opportunities to take photographs in natural light.

Golden hour is well-known to be the prime time to take photographs outdoors. It is the hour after sunset and before sunrise when the light is often softer.

But you do not need to be a photography expert and choose the best time of day for photographs yourself! Your engagement and wedding photographers will make sure you pick the right time of day with the right light for amazing photographs. We do not want you to be squinting or sweating in bright sunshine, either.

Summer Engagement Photos

Prepare Summer Outfits for Your Photoshoot

Putting a little bit of thought into your outfits will give you a big payoff. We at Erie Photography offer an outfit change to our brides and grooms-to-be. So, it’s good to prepare two outfits.

You and your partner’s outfits should complement each other, but you do not want to match. Leave the his-and-hers Hawaiian shirts for the retirement trips in your RV.

Gorgeous flowy dresses are perfect for summer engagement photos. And engagement photographers love them too because they look stunning on camera! Opt for sandals instead of heels and keep jewelry classic and minimal.

And for the fellas, a white linen shirt with a pattern is ideal as it won’t show any unfortunate sweat stains. And you can team it with a woven brown belt and khaki shorts or pants for a smart yet comfortable look.

In winter photoshoots, a pop of color is perfect to stand out against the grey skies. But in summer, it pays to match your surroundings. Ask your engagement photographers for color advice because they are the color experts.  

Whatever you decide, keep your outfits relaxed and casual. Your wedding photographs will likely be more formal so it is nice to have engagement photos that offer something different. For more help check out: What to Wear For Engagement Photos

Summer Engagement Photos Guide

Opt for Natural Makeup and Hair Styles

As with your outfits, your hair and makeup on your engagement photos should be timeless and in keeping with your usual style. Now is not the time to try a new fancy up-do for the very first time. Unless you want to practice your wedding looks in your engagement photographs, of course.

Highlight your natural beauty by sticking to mascara, foundation, brows, and a light lipstick.

For summer photoshoots, lean into your hair’s natural texture. You might consider using serum or hairspray to stop flyaways and frizz in high humidity.

And remember to treat yourself to a manicure before your photoshoot. Your engagement photographers will want to get some pictures of that gorgeous ring.

Summer Engagement Photos

Plan Ahead and Stay Safe Outdoors

Don’t forget to be practical and stay safe in the sunshine. Bring water so you can hydrate and keep cool between snaps. And wear a sunscreen with high SPF and UV protection rating so you do not end up looking like a tomato in your engagement photos.

Though the best wedding photographers and editors often know how to even out your complexion if the worst were to happen!

Summer Engagement Photos Guide
Summer Engagement Photos Guide
Summer Engagement Photos Guide

Book Your Engagement Photos Today

Now you know how to prepare for your engagement photos, you are ready to book a session with professional wedding photographers.

Are you wondering “who are the best wedding photographers near me?” Or “who are the best wedding photographers in Erie, PA?” Then look no further!

We at Erie Photography are experts in our field. We know how to create a romantic yet relaxed setting so you can both become comfortable in front of the camera in preparation for the big day.

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