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Fun & Exciting Back to School Pictures

This year has brought many changes and challenges into our lives and that includes how we do school. Back to School Pictures in Erie Pa celebrate your student’s acheivements no matter what school looks like this year. Because so many students are now learning remotely through cyber, virtual, or home school options we decided to expand to meet your needs.

That’s why we are now offering Back to School Pictures that are convenient, fun, and safe!

How are our Back to School Pictures Different?

We all know what we can expect from Back to School Pictures. Your child’s hair is a mess, they’ve slopped BBQ or Pizza sauce on their new sweater, and they look like something from the exorcist because they are uncomfortable. Who wants to be shuffled into a hot, sticky auditoreum with 30 other kids and stand in front of a person you’ve never met who’s desperate to make you smile? 

So, you open the school’s picture order form and have to pay ahead of time for a photo that you’re pretty sure from experience is not going to be the most flattering memory of your child. What if we could change that? 

Our Photo Session allow you to be with your child. You’ll bring them in and be present to they feel comfortable. No food stains or crazy Pippy Longstocking hair surprises. No anticipation of not knowing what’s coming. 

Back to School Pictures in Erie PA

Picking Your Poses

Is there really an option for Back to School Pictures in Erie PA that lets you pick your favorite poses? Of course! That’s the biggest benefit of our portrait option! Our photographers will be set to take up to 10 poses of each student that will be uploaded to an online gallery after they are edited for best quality. You’ll be sent the link to view your child’s pictures before you decide which one you like the best!

The Back to School Photos will be broken down into a sitting fee and a picture package separately with the pricing surprisingly being close to the traditional school options. Sitting fee for a student is only $20, with additional family members receiving a 25% discount. That makes each additional sitting fee only $15. Students MUST live in the same household to take advantage of this discount. 

Picture Package prices begin at only $9. We added our package prices with the session fee and found our prices were actually less than the school’s prices! Now that’s a value!!


Back to School Pictures in Erie PA

Back to School Picture Bonuses


Lastly, are the ordering and delivery bonuses of opting for our Back To School Pictures, in Erie PA. Unlike the traditional school photos, our delivery will be quick and easy from start to finish. 

The online store featuring special School Picture Packages will be embedded right inside of your online gallery. All you’ll have to do is click the Shopping Bag icon on your favorite image and select the package that you want. There will also be A La Carte Items you can add on to share the love with even more friends and family!

Finally, when you’re done ordering how you receive your images is also in your control. We’ll have a free option to do Face to Face pick up at a set date and time or you can choose to have your photos delivered right from the lab to your door for a small shipping fee. AND there won’t be weeks and weeks of waiting to get your photos either. Most clients wait for a week or two because we don’t have to wade through hundreds of photo galleries to get your images back. 

Back to School Pictures in Erie Pa

Are You Ready to Book Your Back to School Pictures?

Now that you understand how our Back to School Pictures in Erie PA work are you ready to reserve your time slot? You can click the link below to reserve your time. After you select your appointment we will manually approve it and send out an invoice for your student’s sitting fees. We can’t wait to capture your 2020/2021 School Photos!


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