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EWS COVID-19 Policies

We at Erie Wedding & Event Services understand that this is uncharted and worrisome territory for both our clients and their families. We want to make this time as stress free as possible as many of you are being forced to reconsider your original event/wedding plans. We’ve come up with a new policy to handle this type of situation and we’ve altered the language of our contracts to reflect the addition of this policy to our service. We are dedicated to continue learning and growing to serve you to the best of our ability. 

I’d like to confirm that we are fully committed to serving each and every event that is already scheduled with us as long as they fall outside of the mandatory government imposed shut down. While we are not considered a “life sustaining” service, we are currently committed to providing service to any and every event scheduled as soon as the shut down is lifted. As time goes on and dates are altered or guidelines are adjusted we will observe those guidelines and adjust our dates accordingly. 

What are your COVID 19 Policies if I have to Reschedule?

  1. If your wedding/event/shoot date falls within the Mandatory Government Imposed Shut Down OR within the 90 days AFTER the shutdown is lifted we will transfer your service without penalty.
    1. Transfer subject to our availability. If you choose a date that we are not available AND your date falls outside of the Government Imposed Shut Down we will hold your Reservation/Retainer fee as a “Credit” as outlined in Letter G of this policy. 
    2. Transfer date must occur within 18 months of original service date.
    3. If the transfer date occurs after 18 months from original service date, further service charges may occur due to our standard pricing increases due to inflation and employee salaries. 
    4. A Termination of Service Agreement must be signed and completed before date can be transferred. 
    5. A new Service Agreement must be signed and completed for the new service date.
    6. A “Credit” amount equal to your original Reservation/Retainer Fee will show on your new service agreement. Your new due date for final payment will be 15 days before your new service date. 
    7. Your “Credit” may also be used towards alternative service as well. For instance, if your original service was for an Anniversary Party but you’ve canceled all together you may use your “Credit” towards a portrait session or other service insead. Any new charges will be your responsibility if you decide to proceed in that capacity.

Our Commitment To You

We’re committed to providing you fair service in consideration of the situation we’re all facing. We understand that this can be a very stressful time. If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 Policies please contact us at the office. We’re happy to work with you.