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Why you Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Now that many people have a cell phone with a camera, professional photography may not seem to be worth the price anymore. Why should you hire someone when you or a close-by relative can do it for free on her iPhone? Yet when you invest in a professional photographer, like Erie Photography™, you are not just paying for photos of your Wedding, Event, You, Your business, or real estate. Below are some reasons why you should definitely hire a professional photographer.

Education and Experience

Professional photographers are called professionals for a reason. There is much more to photography than just pushing a button. There is finding the best lighting, knowing your camera inside and out, and capturing the perfect tone and moment in a photograph. Most amateur photographers just don’t have the expertise to be able to find these things that many photographers have gone to school for and have years of experience with.


Everyone needs to invest in their career to become successful and professional photographers are the same. Professional photographers have the best equipment in the industry and produce superior photos because of it. Even though you can easily go out and buy a good camera that can produce amazing pictures, there is often more technology that goes into it than just the camera such as lights and a special lenses.

Professional Photography Investment

A professional photographer that you hire is going to be committed to your project. If something happens on the day of your shoot, the photographer is contractually guaranteed to make sure the job is still done on time. An amateur photographer, on the other hand, might not be held by a contract and if something does happen, time and possibly money can go down the drain.

All of these reasons go back to quality. By paying for a professional photographer, you are paying for professional, quality photos of your business. At Erie Photography, we provide the absolute best quality in our photos and are willing to go well beyond to capture the beauty of your home or office. Click here to see some of our work and see what a professional photographer, like us, can do.

Are You Portrait Ready?

Now you’ve got the basics down to create the most successful Senior Portrait Experience possible to tell your unique story. We’re waiting to talk with you about how one of our Professional Photographers can work alongside you to capture your images. You can contact us to find out more and feel free to visit our Portrait Photography page to learn more as well! We’re looking forward to working with you!