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The Complete Guide to Spring Engagement Photos

Spring engagement photos are popular for a good reason. While love may keep us warm during fall and winter, upcoming spring engagement sessions hold the promise of something to look forward to.
Our lead photographer, Jamie, shares her expertise on taking spring engagement photos, including what to wear, the pros and cons of the season, and photo inspiration. We hope this inspires you for your upcoming engagement session.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide

What to Wear for Spring Engagement Photos

Overall, couples should wear something they feel like themselves is in. Confidence is key! “My whole thing is I want to capture them in what they’re comfortable in but also represents them,” offers Jamie. “Usually a go-to, like a dress or jumpsuit, in spring is always nice. It has to fit and fit well. Just a size too big or too small will show in photos.” Light chiffons or lace are excellent for women, and she discourages jersey fabrics because they’re not forgiving, which can translate to unflattering photos. She adds, “Dressing in layers could be beneficial because of fluctuating temperatures in spring.”

She also shares it’s important to keep your geographical area in mind: what you wear for spring engagement photos may be location-dependent, to an extent. For instance, spring’s temperatures in the north, like in Erie, PA, fluctuate more than in San Diego. 

Discuss outfits with your photographer after you nail down a location for your spring engagement photos.

Consider color for spring. Wear hues that complement the joy you’re feeling and reflect the season, yet be conscientious of your surroundings. And, she says, avoid green! “When it comes to outfits and surroundings, if people want an outdoorsy vibe, green garments surrounded by green grass and trees don’t look great. It doesn’t make the image dynamic.” Go with a contrasting color like pink or red in a grassy area instead.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Pros and Cons of Spring Engagement Photos

All seasons present different pros and cons regarding engagement photos, but spring’s most significant advantage is the abundance of flowers. “A spring shoot is great for a couple who is sensitive to the heat, who loves flowers, and for couples who want a different look for their engagement shoot than their wedding in an opposite season,” says Jamie. 

But Mother Nature can also be fickle. The potential is there for engagement photo sessions to “be snowed out” in the north during spring. Prepare for weather to be unpredictable and flowers uncertain.

“Couples, in general, depending on what blooms they’re going for, need to be realistic about a spring engagement session. For example, cherry blossoms sometimes bloom at the end of March—but sometimes it’s mid-April. In this case, they need to be flexible for their photoshoot date. I recommend potentially booking two dates if your photographer agrees to it—a first choice and backup—to maximize your options,” advises Eve Frank, Wedding Coordinator of Erie Wedding & Event Services. 

Be aware that rain is abundant in many areas during spring. This may mean booking an indoor location for your photos as a backup, just in case it rains and you can’t alter your photo session date.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Spring Engagement Photo Tips

Jamie says to think about the location you wish to have an engagement session when considering spring. “There’s minimal green space in the Downtown Areas, but in well taken care of Parks or nature trails, always promises to have something in bloom during spring thanks to the workers who care for the plants in the park.” 

 If you live in an area that has flowering trees, you may wish to schedule a session within a park that has an abundance of them. Botanical gardens are great for this but inquire ahead of time about whether or not a photography permit is required to take photos there. 

 If you think it may rain during your session and proceed with the photo shoot, arrive prepared with cute umbrellas for photos. Lean into the rain—it could result in a rainbow! 

 If leaves aren’t on trees yet and no flowers are around, try to take your engagement photos where there is interesting architecture in the background. Or, if you’re on a coast, consider a beach where there’s consistently sand and water, no matter the time of year. Evergreen trees and desert plant life (including cacti and succulents!) are green year-round, depending on your location. And neutral-toned long grasses in expansive fields are romantic, too.


Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide
Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Look for a Flower Field

What could be better than taking photos in a field of delicate spring flowers to represent new beginnings and new life. Nothing signals to us that spring is here more than those tiny colorful petals bursting forth from the cold ground. With a flower field you have the advantage of wearing outfits that compliment the backdrop.


Use Architecture to Your Advantage

A good professional photographer will understand how to make a fence or a wall an interseting background for your photos. Think about what buildings and objects around you are interesting. Plan on using them in your engagement photos. 

Go With the Flow

If the temperature drops during your spring engagement session, help each other warm-up. A simple gesture of love and kindness from this groom to his fiancée made for a candid, fun photo.

Use the Warmth of Golden Hour

Images are given a glow when taken during the golden hour, the hour just before sunset. It also instantly warms up the colors reflected on the lake.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Remember the Beauty a City Offers

Buildings can have beautiful reflective surfaces and add fun metallic colors to images no matter the season. And any outfit matches metallics! Pops of blues and greens in the background add interest but don’t overwhelm the couple.

Bring the Outside Indoors

If you choose to take photos inside, like in your home, bring nature indoors. The pop of color brought to the scene by spring tulips is subtle yet effective.

Be Mindful of When Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom

It’s not easy to predict when the pretty pink and white flowers of cherry blossom trees will bloom, but Mother Nature gives clues during winter. Reputable sites, like Cherry Blossom Watch, help predict peak forecasts each year. 

Coordinate Colors

Rather than matching, aim to wear outfits that complement each other. Wear coordinated colors, and don’t leave your attire to the last minute. Plan ahead of time in case you need to go shopping!

Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Utilize Layers

Not only can layering be practical with spring temperatures, but it also means you have multiple looks for your engagement session. Taking a jacket on or off is a quick outfit change!

Choose Floral Prints

Another way to proudly state that you took photos during spring, or remember the season decades down the road, is by wearing a fun floral print. It’s also a beautiful way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Beat Beach Crowds

Summer months bring crowds to most beaches. One of the benefits of taking spring engagement photos on the beach is that you won’t have to worry about people getting in the way, whether in the background or your favorite spot on the shore.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Keep Leafless Trees Blurry

You and your fiancé are the focus of your spring engagement photos. If you’re taking them in a location with leafless trees, have a conversation with your photographer, who can easily blur the background, keeping those bare branches out of focus.

Think Outside Your Geographical Location

Choose to do a destination engagement session away from home. Most photographers will be on board with the idea, and the results could be breathtaking. We Photographers love new ideas and places to get creative with.
Ask your photographer to extend your photo session beyond an hour to capture a multi-day adventure.

Go Big or Go Home

Please don’t shy away from something marvelous for your engagement photos, whether your attire or the architecture.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Dusty

It’s a great idea to have the couple sit in this grass field. It gives the image an entirely different feel and impact than if they were standing. The more willing you are to try the situations and poses your photographer may direct you towards, the more variety you’ll have in your spring engagement photo gallery.

Spring Engagement Photos Guide

Choose a Meaningful Location

Something that never goes out of style or season is a location that is significant to you and your partner. This location could be the college where you met or the neighborhood where you shared your first apartment, for instance.  

Find Middle Ground

Being quite literally within the middle ground—between the foreground and background of a frame like this couple is with a beautiful garden—enables spring to surround you. Let your photographer guide you and help show the best the season has to offer with this technique.

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