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When Should You Take Maternity Photos?

When it comes to maternity photography, timing is everything. The best time for maternity photography is generally considered to be around 28-35 weeks, when the bump is starting to show and the skin is still relatively smooth. By this point, the mother-to-be should also feel comfortable in her new role and be able to enjoy the experience of having her photograph taken. There are several reasons why we suggest a Maternity Session during this time. While most of these are in general, each mother’s journey is unique.

Maternity Photography

Your third trimester begins at 27 weeks. And for most women that’s when you really feel good. You get a ton of energy back and you’re really glowing. In addition, early in your third trimester you can still move easily. Feeling good and moving to pose easily are 2 main reasons it’s a great idea for maternity photography during the earlier weeks of this stage of pregnancy. Any professional photographer is going to understand that you’re still carrying an adorable bowling ball in your belly and won’t ask you to get into awkward positions you can’t get out of. However, still being limber enough to twist and turn a bit to really highlight the best parts of you is key to a killer session. 

Maternity Photography

The next 2 reasons we suggest Maternity Photography between 28-35 weeks is going to effect the overall look of your images. Typically by 28 weeks most women have a nice round belly. This should make it obvious that you’re an expectant mother. But during your third trimester, your belly ‘drops’. That means the baby shifts into position closer to the birth canal. And that drop changes the shape of your belly from a cute round basketball to more of a pear or tear drop shape. While, you can still take maternity photos after that drop occurs around 36 weeks, you’re photos won’t look as perky and cute. In addition, you’re going to start feeling uncomfortable moving around as baby is now settling into your hip area. It’s going to be harder to pose. The discomfort you feel will still be visible through your smiles. Remember that when you feel your best, you look your best. Speaking of looking your best…did you know there are rules about what you should wear at your Maternity Session? Some outfits are more flattering for expectant moms. Find out in our blog on What to Wear for your Maternity Pictures.

Maternity Photography

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