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Family is such an important part of life! Every day you’re writing a story with your family. Your achievements, milestones, and relationships deserve to be preserved and celebrated. Because these moments pass us by so quickly and over time, memories fade. From your immediate family to your extended family with grandparents, cousins, and the unique people who have chosen to join your family over time, these moments matter.

With such an assortment of personalities, strengths, and accomplishments, you want to remember each and every one of your loved ones. Your family is growing and changing each day. It’s never going to be the same. And you have built beautiful relationships with each member of your family. That’s why Family Photography is essential for safeguarding these precious moments in your story. These images are a window into your family’s story that each generation can enjoy and look back on in love. Let’s talk about the reasons why you should schedule a family portrait session regularly.

Why Should I Schedule a Family Photography Session?

You’re Growing

Every year you grow and change. Not just the children, but the adults as well. We’re growing as individuals. We’re learning and adapting to challenges. We’re overcoming obstacles and making positive improvements to become our better selves. And yes, of course, the younger generation is growing physically. You’ll want a record of those adorable dimples, freckles, and soft sunkissed hair to share with their children one day or to reflect on the triumphs of that time in your lives. Capturing those fleeting moments before they pass by to be lost forever allows you to look back proudly on who you were and celebrate how far you’ve come.

You’re Celebrating

During your life, you will face many challenges and hold many celebrations. Your family is alongside you during these times. It’s so important to document this journey together. From your child’s first birthday to Grandma & Grandpa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, these moments (and who you were as a family during them) matters. These are the chapters in your story of life. Whether it’s celebrating a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a new addition (maybe even a new furry friend) you’ll want to share these moments in the future. That’s the power of photography.

You’re Creating Memories

Family Photography is an amazing way to capture those memories and to create even more memories while you’re doing it! Some of my favorite family memories happened during my own family portrait sessions. I remember the time my younger brother caused a ruckus during our annual family photo session and how upset my mom was. My family tells the story often and laughs about when my son teased a family photographer until the point that she had to stop taking photos because she was laughing so hard. Think about creating some of your own memories to look back on and share with joy later on. Talk to us about capturing some candid moments. Maybe have a water balloon fight, blow bubbles, or release butterflies during your family photography shoot. Creating even more beautiful memories to reflect on later through the amazing gift of family photography.

Looking To Capture Your Families Memories

Erie Photography proudly offers family photography including;

  • Maternity Photo Shoots
  • Newborn Photography Sessions
    • Birthing
    • Fresh 48
  • Kids & Family Portraits
  • Yearly Family Photo Updates
  • Family Keepsake Photography

Please contact us today to Capture your Memories.