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10 Tips on What To Wear For Senior Girls Pictures

Deciding what to wear for Senior Girls Pictures is easy and fun with these fantastic tips!

Hey Ladies!! Getting ready to graduate already? Class of 2022 is in the house! It’s almost the end of your Junior Year AND it’s time to start thinking about your Senior Pictures! Before you know it, you’ll be a Senior! You know what that means?

Senior year is busy! You’ve got school activites, sports, band, choir, community projects, homework (soooooo much homework), college and scholarship applications, AND deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life. (yeah, like that doesn’t bring on a panic attack) BUT, there are some fun perks like Senior Prom, Awards Banquets, extra privileges (like cutting in line at lunch on pizza day) AND Senior Portraits!

Gurl, now is your time to shine, and your Senior Photos are going to help you do just that. Your Senior Photos are going to tell the story of who you are and how you got here (lots of hard work, I bet). Figuring out what to wear for Senior Girls pictures can seem a little overwhelming. But, we’ve got 10 pretty awesome tips to make sure you look your best while capturing who you are.

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What to wear for senior girls pictures
what to wear for senior girls pictures

What to Wear For Senior Pictures

1. Check Your Closet First- We all have that killer outfit that makes us look and feel like we can take on the world. Shopping is fun, but if you already own that Girl Power outfit there’s no need to shop. (I mean, you don’t need an excuse to shop, do you?) Bonus is that you know this outfit. It’s like a good friend. You’re comfortable in it and you know there won’t be any weird wardrobe malfunctions. Remember while going through your closet that solid colors photograph better than prints and that neutral color pallets are classy and stand the test of time. I wore a taupe linen shirt at mine 25 years ago and it still looks like it’s in fashion. 

2. Choose Two to Three Outfits- Picking more than one outfit to wear during your session means you have more looks to go with. Make sure to get your outfits ready ahead of time. Wash, dry, remove wrinkles and check for pet hair or lint a day or two before your senior photos. Gather together all of the accesories you want to use as well and pack it neatly together in a way that won’t cause more wrinkles. Pack a lint roller just in case if you’re wearing dark colors. 

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What to wear for senior girls pictures
what to wear for senior girls pictures
what to wear for senior portraits

3. Did We Mention Accesories?- Accessories can make your Senior Portraits POP!! Throw in anything you would normally wear and add to it a bit for some sparkle! Jewelry, Hats, Scarves, Sunglasses, and cute shoes. REALLY CUTE SHOES. In fact, bring more than one pair of shoes for each outfit just in case. It doesn’t take much time to slip on heels when you were wearing flats. And, man I can’t say enough for a chic hat. Floppy, woven, flowers, ball cap, hats are so awesome.

4. Dress It Up Girl- While jeans and a cute top might be your everyday outfit and you feel great in it, remember your parents and grandparents want to show you off. Maybe you want to show you off as well. That being said, bring a dressier outfit with you! For instance, a cute sun dress is pretty enough for grandma and twirling around in it will make your eyes sparkle with fun! Maxi skirts can make you look and feel elegant. Bring out the flair girl!

5. What About Those Shoes Again?- Shoes……instantly I get excited. Heels, pumps, ballet flats, and my favorite kicks, my Chuck’s. I will wear those purple Chucks with anything and everything. While your shoes may be super cute, they may NOT be super comfortable. You’ll be walking a lot so bring an extra pair of easy to slip on shoes that pamper your feet while you’re walking from one spot to the next. Oh yeah…if you pick sandals or open toe shoes….remember to pamper your toes so they look picture perfect too.

what to wear for senior photos
what to wear senior girls pictures

6. Let’s Talk About Props- Okay, so props isn’t exactly a “what to wear for senior girls pictures” item. Or is it? Bringing props to your portrait session means you get to tell more of your story. Play volleyball? Bring your ball and wear your uniform in a few photos. Like to read? Bring your favorite book. If you were a cheerleader bring your pom-poms and cheer outfit. You get the picture…get it? Picture….I’m not even a dad and I have dad jokes….

7. BACK To Accesories- You may have guessed that I’m a little obsessed about accesories. But that’s only because there’s SO MUCH you can do with them. But seriously, if you’re accesorizing, pick stuff that means something really special to you. For my senior pictures I wore a pearl and Austrian crystal necklace my grandma had given me the Christmas prior. You see, she passed away that next February and wearing that necklace meant I had a piece of her with me. Now, excuse me while I grab a tissue. 

best outfits for senior photos
outfits for girls senior portraits
what to wear for girls senior pictures

8. What Season Are We In?– Because your Photos can be taken in any season your outfits should reflect that. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to wear pastels in the fall while you’re munching on an apple and laying in orange and red leaves. And (my north eastern pals), can you imagine trying to wear a sundress in the middle of January. I don’t reccomend it, unless you’re hoping for blue skin in your photos. Think Seasonally and plan accordingly. Wanna know more about When to Take Senior Photos?

9. Think About What You’re Wearing….Under There- If there is the slightest chance your bra strap will show, you need to make arrangements to avoid that. A sturdy strapless bra or a neutral colored tank top if you’re wearing a colored bra under a light colored shirt is smart. What about your underwear? If flashing grandma isn’t on your list of things to do, maybe pick an outfit that doesn’t show off too much is best. Try sitting down in your outfit in front of a mirror at home before settling on it. From experience, we’ve lost a lot of great shots because it was too risky to take sitting down photos when the senior was wearing an outfit that was too short. This is the time to show off your personality, not your undergarments.

10. Go With Classy, Not Trendy- Let’s go back to that ‘revealing’ outfit. I’ve noriced this year that super short rompers and crop tops are in style. Guess what? They won’t be in style 10 years from now and you’re going to be stuck with photos making you wonder what you were thinking. Classics like denim, white tailored shirts, sundresses, and khakis will stand the test of time. Consider this for your hair style too. You don’t want to look back at your Senior Pictures in horror like many of us who survived the ’80’s hair band era do. Way too much White Rain back then. My eyes are still burning.

What to Wear For Senior Girls Pictures

Well ladies, that’s all she wrote. Now you should have a good idea on what to wear for senior girls pictures. No guess work, just great ideas. Here’s one last bonus tip though: If you’re planning on most of your shoots being outside, wear something underneath your outfits that make changing on the fly easy. A tank top and a pair of boy shorts will make it super easy to change between outfits without having to find a restroom. And bring a friend with you for fun. Not only will it make you more comfortable to have that emotional support, a good friend doesn’t mind carrying all your extra outfits. (wink wink)

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