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What to Wear to a Fall Family Pictures

Fall is all about bundling up in lots of layers, enjoying the shift from hot to cool, and soaking up the sun and autumn foliage. Here are a few tips for choosing outfits for your fall family session:


  • Choose colors that won’t clash too much with the fall leaves. Instead, stick with a neutral palette with colors that blend seamlessly into autumn’s spectrum: earthy reds, burnt oranges, creamy nude, etc. 
  • Layer up! Don’t hesitate to throw on those scarves, cardigans, blazers, or hats. 
  • Wear shoes that fit the season. Think riding boots or comfy, fur-lined boots. Loafers and flats can also work just fine. 
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures

Dressing For a Fall Family Session

What to Wear for Your Fall Family Pictures? This guide will help you choose; the best colors to wear for your fall pictures and give you inspiration on family color schemes. Look FABULOUS for your fall family photos! 



 1- Fall colors such as darker shades of purple, yellow, orange, navy, tan, and to top it off with a denim top is the cherry on top for us! Food for thought, If you know your environment and background, try to pick colors that complement not match that way you pop from the surrounding.


2- Don’t Match! When the entire family matches EXACTLY, it takes away from each individual’s awesomeness that makes the family Unique. But for each one to have a color that ties into the next one. So if dad wants to wear his favorite orange and blue plaid shirt, mom should choose a solid top for herself and the child(ren) and add pops of color that also tie back into dad’s shirt or add more depth to the style. An excellent accessory might be an orange scarf or necklace on top of a tank top or a navy/orange bow for a child wearing a solid dress, etc.… just items to tie the overall look completely together.


3- Style Make sure to keep the overall look one STYLE, such as dress casual. You don’t want to have one person wearing super casual clothing, while the rest of the family is wearing church attire. Plan your clothing well before the session date, keep the weather in mind and ask your photographer what he/she thinks of the things you picked out! 


4-Texture and layering is a good thing and, when used appropriately, can add dimension to your photos. A cute scarf or knit cardigan over a simple shirt can add some character to your look. Watch out for items that make you look bulky or weighed down; fitted clothing is better. 


5- Base Color, i.e., Black, grey, denim, brown to help keep everyone grounded. Then add in two or three fun pops of color so everyone can add their style to the outfit. Make sure to switch up the base through your outfit, so you don’t have everyone in jeans and two different shirt colors. Put girls in dresses or tunics with tights. Have the guys wear your base color on top and choose a second base for them to wear on the bottom. Mix and match but make it fun. The goal is not for everyone to synced up perfectly. You want to be able to see a pattern when you take the photo as a whole.


6- Accessories can go a long way, and when used to make a unique statement, they make the person wearing them feel fabulous! A fun watch or cuff on mom, dad’s stylish tie, cute laced boots on your toddler, or an adorable sparkle headband on the baby can add a pop to the image. Try and make sure everyone has something about their outfit that makes them want to smile the whole time the camera is snapping!

What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures
What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures

Are you 'falling' for our family photos?

Now that you’re inspired about your wardrobe, let’s talk about your Fall Family Session. Contact us to inquire about our scheduled Fall Mini Sessions or to book a full length Family Portrait Session in your favorite setting. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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